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As sometimes happens when counting on other people, things just don't work out. Sometimes life throws you curve balls in rapid fire and you have to learn to go with it. After just a few days of living on our friend's ranch, things were not working out. Enter the sudden change of plans. Sunday, I left the ranch and moved a few miles closer to town and in with my mom in her tiny cottage.

This was not part of the plan. Last week I left everything, including my fiance in California, drove fourteen hours and arrived in Colorado to live on a ranch, not live with my mom at the age of well, we won't talk about it. But, plans change and so do we. Today I'm still in the area that we have wanted to be in for so long. Slightly less secluded but still living a nice simple country life. There are still deer in the front yard, frogs in the pond out back and plenty of wide open spaces.

So, for now, the fur kids and I are tucked safely into my mom's tiny spare room. We are all adjusting to the altitude and waiting for the day we can hit those mountain trails. My body has taken it kind of hard, our second day here I was shaky and dizzy. Yesterday I just couldn't seem to wake up. spending most of the day giving in to the fatigue and taking it easy.

The change has been hard on the doggos too. Brixie made her discomfort known at every turn, barking, chewing, whining. Tyson, it seams internalized his upset. This morning I woke to him vomiting, followed by a bad bought of bloody poops. We spent most of the afternoon at the vet. I don't have a proper diagnosis for him yet. At the moment we have a very vague answer of Acute On-set Colitis. I have multiple medications for him, and the lab is running tests. We'll know more tomorrow or the next day when the results come back.

Handling all of this on my own when D is on the other side of the country has been hard, to say the least. He is my calm center, my anchor in rocky seas and I hate that he's not here. I can't wait until his arrival. But until then, I have my mom and my pups by my side.

So, what does the future hold for us you might ask? Well as I said my mom's place is a tiny cottage, just shy of actually being a tiny house. Not quite built for two much less three and doggos too. So when D finally arrives from California we will be starting a whole different kind of life.

We'll be moving into a 35 foot RV. It's a good thing we were planning on tiny living because plan B will be tiny living at it's finest! Truth be told, we're both pretty content with this change in plans, and for now, at least my mom is happy to have her wayward daughter home.

Considering that we intend to purchase land, and build our dream home, the reality of living in an RV for a year or more was already in our future. We've just jumped up the timeline on it.

Until next time,

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