• Connie Byers


Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Tomorrow morning at 5 am me and the fur kids are going to load up into our big old Chevy Silverado and make our way across the deserts of California and Arizona and into the cool embrace of Southwest Colorado. D will be following behind in a few days, so this trip is all me. Just a girl and her dogs. I'm not great at long drives. I'm sure I'll be cracked out on Five Hour Energy Shots before I hit the state line. But, I have a few things in my arsenal to help keep my weary eyes on the road.

I have some tasty snacks, nuts, and fruits to keep me from bad 'road food' choices. My Mario Badescu Facial Mist is in the center consul for a hydrating pick me up. On Audible, I have some of my favorite books - The Illumiae Files, and This Mortal Coil to name a few. But as exciting as both these adventure-packed books are, the real ticket to any good long distance haul is the playlist!

You can grab a listen to our Ultimate Road Trip Play List here on YouTube

What are your favorite travel tunes? Tell us all about your must play tracks so we can add them to our list for the next trip!

Until Next Time,

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