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Our Poppy Field Engagement Photo Shoot

Engament Photo, Ring Selfie
Photo credit Debbie Thrasher

At seven am on a Sunday morning we were all dressed up,and heading to the Lake Elsinore Poppy Fields of Walker Canyon. And, let me begin this post by stating, NO flowers were harmed in the taking of these photos. I know there was a lot of controversy and a lot of negativity was handed out to people who posted photos with the poppies, and I really hope not to see any of the negativity here, it's our engagement people, not a proper space for your pontification. Remember, photos are edited to make it look like we are standing/sitting in the flowers. The truth is we were sitting in the dirt, I have a completely ruined white dress to prove it. Covered in mud, but not a single smudge of orange or pollen, just mud no matter what it looks like. So keep you comments positive please :)

We had been to the poppy fields a few weeks before and it was lovely, completely accessible, peaceful and calm. We had heard on the news that that wouldn't be the case this morning. It was being called "The Poppy Apocalypse" Which I took to be more of that good old California hyperbole, right up there with the it's raining and we might all die reaction to a few drops of water from the sky. But this, was no dramatic overreaction.

Walker Canyon Poppy Field Lake Elsinore
Image via The Dersert Sun

There were people everywhere It was such a shock. We had come to the last super bloom a couple years ago, it was nothing like this. What happened? There where people everywhere! Too many people. We did manage to get some really wonderful photos, we staked out a little spot to call our own and set to posing. And, I say again NO flowers were harmed. We were in an area below the trail that was open to the public. There were rangers and sheriffs deputies around us. We did no harm.

Engagement Photo With Dogs
Photo Credit Debbie Thrasher

I knew even before we got engaged that if it ever did happen we would definitely have the dogs in our engagement shoot. As you'll soon see these two furry fools are a huge part of our lives, a huge part of what drew us together and a huge part of what gets us out to adventure! How could they not be included? They of course were ridiculous, stole the show and made the whole thing a whole lot of fun! Just look at Tyson waiting to get in on that kiss!

Engagement photo with dogs
Photo Credit Debbie Thrasher

And in the end, we got a perfect shot of our little family.

Engagement Photos With Dogs
Photo Credit Debbie Thrasher

And a silly shot of our original trio.

Engagement Phot With Boxer Dog
Photo Credit Debbie Thrasher

We had so much fun working with Debbie and her daughter, my friend, Sydney. It was such a beautiful day and we have such wonderful photos to treasure forever! If your in the Orange County Area and want to find out more about working with Debbie you can find her on Facebook here.

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