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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Taking the Long Way Round


I grew up in Durango, CO. I spent most of my life with no real love for the sleepy little mountain town. I longed for the fast-paced thrill of the city. The constant crash of the ocean. I longed for what I thought was an adventure too big to be held in that provincial place.

And so I left.

I headed out to California and I sought adventures of any kind.

Some of them were amazing, some of them, it's surprising I lived through. Through all of them, I never looked back. I'm a fashion designer by trade, and in the spring of 2014 I started a mobile boutique, called Idyllwild Designs (but, that's a whole other story.) But, the reason I mention it is because ultimately, the road traveled as the owner of Idyllwild Designs was the beginning of the journey that's led me back home. Part of building a brand on social media is about telling a story through pictures, creating a lifestyle that others can associate with your products.

With a product line that looks like this, is it any wonder that the lifestyle I created around my brand was that of the American Southwest?

Looking back I wonder if it wasn't, in fact, my subconscious telling me that Colorado was calling me home. I looked through my Instagram feed one day, scattered amongst the pictures om my pretty bags where hundreds of photos re-posted from other sites, all showing the life I had walked away from so long ago. That simple, southwest, mountain life. A life filled with adventure and nature. A life that walks right off the beaten path. I saw all those images and I thought to myself how lovely it would be if that really was my life, instead of the reality of sitting in a sweltering city apartment with only occasional adventure and fun being had. (All hours had to be relegated to work if I wanted to keep on living in the city.) Then, like an actual ton of bricks, it hit me. If I wanted for those pictures to be photos of my actual life, all I had to do was go back home. What? Home? That place I had run away from so many years before? Was it possible that I had just spent four years trying to inspire an audience with the beauty of the Southwest that I had run screaming from? Well shit.

And then there was D.

This amazing guy I loved, who also just happened to love the town I grew up in.

Each year we would visit it, and each time the end of our trip approached we considered just not leaving. We had serious contemplation's about just walking away from our lives, throwing caution to the wind and starting over with nothing. I think, if I had been on my own, that may have been the decision I made, but D is a much more practical and responsible person than I. And, after all, that's exactly why I love him so. I know I'm too impulsive sometimes. But he keeps me grounded and makes me pause for the briefest seconds before jumping off cliffs. It's a good thing.

We both desperately wanted this move. We both felt so much more alive in the wide open spaces of Colorado. With D by my side, everything feels a little more like an adventure, and suddenly I have a partner who wants to live with me the life I am just now realizing I always loved.

I think sometimes, if you grow up in a small town, you simply have to get out and see the world.

You have to go and make absolutely certain you're not missing anything.

I've been out in this world, I've met people, been places, seen things. I've lived like a gypsy with no roots and no home to call my own. I've lived in vans, slept on couches, rented spare rooms, lived in a warehouse. Even now, we live with D's mom in her house (she lets us know every day it's her house) If you've been following my Instagram you can see, I've basically been traveling and adventuring since December of last year. And, the whole time I was on the road, or in the air, from hotels to family homes, and everything in-between at no point did the thought "I wish I was home" pop into my head. Because I haven't had a true home of my own in years.

But now, next week, that's about to change.

On Wednesday I will hit the road at 4am with Tyson and Brixie as my copilots (D' will be driving separately a few days later.) and drive towards the place that is 'Home' in every sense of the word. On Wednesday night I'll be spending the night with my Mom in her cozy little cottage and on Thursday morning the dogs and I will move into a beautiful one bedroom cabin, sweet and warm and secluded and all our own. I'm So thankful to our wonderful friends that are allowing us to stay in the extra cabin on their ranch, and in essence allowing us to come home. We will forever be in their debt. From here on out, will still go out in this world, I will still meet people, I will still see things. But, I will do them with the serene knowledge that home is waiting for my return.

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