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Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Our Journey from California city living to Colorado ranch life.


A few months after D and I started dating I took him home with me to Colorado. I don't know that I necessarily had any "meet the parents" kind of inclinations about this, I just felt like he would find it a fun place to take a vacation. And, I was right. He did, furthermore, my hometown, that I had never really had a lot of love for before, became this magical place with D by my side. From that point on for the last 4 years we have visited Durango twice a year every year. D goes hunting with my Uncle, turkey in the spring, elk in the fall and I hang out with my girls and relax in the calm embrace that is Colorado.

Fast forward to last week...

We're moving (back) to Colorado!

We're packing up, and heading to the mountains. Moving out of a two story house in the California Suburbs and moving into a one bedroom cabin on a Colorado Ranch. This is an actual functioning ranch ya'all! There are sheep and sheep dogs. Mini Burros and all kinds of other critters.

Now depending on how well you know me you may be thinking hold up. This girl? With livestock? Don't worry loves. I will only occasionally be required to care for and handle the animals. I will of course photograph them to my hearts content for your and my viewing pleasure. Alas, or maybe a good thing, it is not our own ranch we are moving into, but that of a friends who is graciously allowing us take residence in their little spare cabin.

So, what you may be wondering will this blog hold? Well, D is a city boy, born and bread, there should be some memorable antics as he learns to live the country way of life. I already have a few great tales to tell from the visits we've made. And, I may be Colorado born and bread, but I've spent the last ten years in the fashion industry so I'm betting there will be a re-learning curve for me.

With hunting on the yearly agenda, you can look forward to finding at least a few posts here regarding the cleaning and cooking of wild game. One of the hazards. . . ahem, joys. . . of loving a hunter. Venison stew anyone? And dare I say it, I may have agreed to try hunting myself, just once, That should be an entertaining tale.

Did I mention that we're engaged?

We're planning a rustic barn wedding for mid September of 2020 or as I like to call it, "The Matrimonial Ho Down. This will not be your average wedding! We're planning on DIY'ing nearly every aspect of the party so there will be plenty of fun wedding and party themed posts to go around. I can't wait to show you all the tips and tricks we come up with to land this shindig in on budget without sacrificing any of the important things. From DIY boutonnieres and bouquets to backdrops and food we have a lot of really fun stuff planned for this party.

As for what else this blog will hold, We can only guess...

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