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Preserved Dandelion Puffs

Preserved Dandelion Puffs

Making preserved dandelion puffs has to be one of my favorite spring activities. I have done this project every year since we moved to our homestead. Each puff is still fully intact; someday, I will end up with more than I can logically keep. But until then, they delight my inner child! 

Dandelions & Fairytales

Is there any bloom that holds the magic of childhood the way a dandelion does? They are the centerpiece of any bouquet presented to mothers by young ones. Ask any six-year-old, and they will tell you that the seeds will carry your wishes if you blow on the puff. The dandelion is steeped in childhood lore, and one of my favorite tales is the dandelion’s creation story.  

It is said that thousands of years ago when sprites and fairies roamed the land, they shared the world with humans. But the clumsy humans couldn’t see the fairies and often stepped on them. So, the fairies began to dress in bright yellow garments, and eventually, they transformed into dandelions, which sprung back up when stepped on. Thus, it is believed that dandelions aren’t harmed when stepped on because each bloom contains the spirit of a fairy. 

Dandelion Seed Head

How to Make Preserved Dandelion Puffs

This is a quick and easy DIY that only takes a few minutes. These charming puffs not only make a delightful display but also serve as a fun craft activity for the entire family!

Preserved Dandelion Puff Supplies

The Materials:

  • Dandelions that have already bloomed, closed up, and turned white.

  • Craft, Floral, or Jewelry Wire

  • Small Flat Rock

  • Clear Glass Jar or Cloche

  • Glue Gun (optional)

  • Moss (optional) 

The Method:

Step 1 - If your wire is on a roll, cut pieces that are 12” - 18” long.

Step 2 - Trim your dandelion stems short enough to fit inside your jar. 

Preserving Dandelion Puffs

Step 3 - Gently feed the wire into the hollow stem, making sure not to puncture it. 

Making Preserved Dandelion Puffs

Step 4 - Wrap the end of the wire around the stone as many times as needed to snug the stem against the stone. 

Preserved Dandelion Puffs in a Jar

Step 5 - Place the stone with your wired dandelions in the lid or base of your jar and secure it with a hot glue gun if desired. 

Step 6 - If using moss, top the rock with it and place the jar or cloche over the dandelions, but don’t seal it tight yet. 

Step 7 - Within 2-3 days, your dandelion puffs will “bloom,” Once they open, seal the jar tightly. 

How Long Will Preserved Dandelion Puffs Last?

Officially, it is hard to say. But I’ve had mine for three years now, and they are showing no signs of deterioration. That being said, they are very delicate, and if the jar gets bumped or dropped, it will definitely be damaged. 

I have seen others gently spray the puffs with aerosol hairspray to add an additional layer of preservation, but I have never tried it. 

The Everlasting Wish

Preserved dandelion puffs are like a moment frozen in time. And everlasting wish that you can save for a rainy day. They look beautiful when displayed on a shelf and make a fantastic project to do with your littles or the young at heart. 

Be sure to tag us on Instagram with pictures of your everlasting wish jars. Tell us your favorite dandelion projects in the comments below, and as always, until next time,  

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Preserved Dandelion Puffs

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