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Welcome To The Apothecary

Botanically Infused Health, Wellness & Beauty

Byers Ranch Apothecary

Mountain Medicinals

Our recipes take things back to our mountain roots, allowing us to create products infused with the age-old healing essence of the Rocky Mountains.

Connie Byers

Hand Made in Colorado

Our all-natural products are made from sustainably harvested all-natural ingredients and small batch crafted without chemicals, additives, or dyes.

Byers Ranch Apothecary

Goodness From Nature

Our six-week infusion process starts with herbs (usually wild foraged on our land) macerating in oil to extract as much medicinal value as possible.

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What People Are Saying

"I used the Good-Bye Fungi salve on a thickened, discolored toenail, and it is returning to its normal color and thickness. I am so happy with this product!"


“My girls ran into a wasp nest, stings and scratches everywhere! I pulled out the Sting Stick and liberally rubbed it on each and every sting, and my girls instantly felt relief. This stick is AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for making this product 💕”


“Great products! Love the packaging. Went home to TN and got crazy bit up by mosquitoes and the sting stick was a lifesaver!”


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