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Press, Affiliates & Sponsors

Affiliates & Sponsors

We love to partner with small, like-minded brands that align with our values in the homestead, apothecary, and chicken-keeping categories. Below are the companies we are currently working with.

GrubTerra upcycles food waste using black soldier fly larvae to produce a healthy treat for your flock. 🐛🐛🐛 These larvae have 75x more calcium than mealworms for stronger egg shells and faster feather growth! They are also additive and preservative-free. Plus, they employ small farms around the world to raise the larvae while reducing food waste, reducing landfill impact, and cutting methane emissions for a greener world. 


We couldn’t be happier to partner with Grub Terra to offer you guys a 10% discount site-wide by using the code "Byers10" at the button below.

Cluckhub Logo.png

Experience a sustainable, smart, and green approach to chicken raising with CluckHub solar-powered coop door. 

Features include being weatherproof, predator-proof, and having a built in timer.

We are excited to offer you 25% off the selection of solar coop doors when you shop using the link below!

Press & Publications

Here, you can see our most recent press and publications. We are always open to working with journalists, podcasters, media outlets, and publications around the world to share our unique take on homesteading, chicken raising, sustainable small-scale farming, herbal medicine, and apothecary topics. If you’re a member of the media and would like to get in touch,  use the form below or send a query to:

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