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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to This Unbound Life’s Blog! We’re so glad you stopped by and we can’t wait to share all our adventures with you. So, who are we exactly? Well, I’m not sure anyone can answer that fully, but here’s the basics to get you started. 


I’m Connie, my fiance is Daniel, the goofy boxer dog is Tyson, aka Bubba, and the pit bull mix is Brixie. We’ve just traded in a two-story house in the southern California suburbs for a 20 ft camper in Colorado. I’m a Colorado native, Daniel is a city boy through and through. As for the pups,  Bubba is my city boy and Brixie is Daniel’s Colorado girl, so I guess we both have a type. To sum up, you have two rough and rugged ladies and two city boys who are tough enough to learn the ropes. 


We invite you to follow along as we figure out how to do things like grow a garden. Check it out as we hunt, fish and gather wild foods. We’ll be remodeling our camper into a tiny home fit to survive the Rocky Mountain winter.  And, any other adventures we can come up with. There’ll be off-road journeys, tool reviews, camping trips, recipes, trails, tips and oh yeah, a wedding! 


We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do! 

Couple with Dogs

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