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Hi there!


I’m Connie Byers, and I’m excited to welcome you to my unbound life here on our homestead, Byers Ranch! Together with my husband Dan, we live on 36 acres of mountaintop in Southwest Colorado, where we raise chickens, grow our own food, and forage our land for medicinal and wild foods. 

​By choosing to live a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle, we’ve enriched our lives in so many ways. Gone are the days of relying on the store for all our needs. Today, we grow, harvest, and store most of our own produce in our garden. We hunt and fish, and, of course, our chickens provide us with plenty of fresh eggs.

From Earth to Body


Our homestead is also home to Byers Ranch Apothecary. Most of the herbs and botanicals used in our line are grown in our garden using organic practices or sustainably wild foraged from our land. Anything we don’t grow or forage ourselves is ethically and sustainably sourced and local whenever possible.

​Most of our products start out as herbs, macerating in oils or alcohol for a minimum of four to six weeks. After the herbs have been filtered out, what remains is a potent oil or tincture rich in natural compounds. When it comes to our apothecary line, each step is done intentionally, and each batch is carefully small batch crafted by hand. 


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I'm available for a variety of partnerships and services or just a quick chat. Feel free to contact me by email for any project or visit our Press & Affiliates page for more information. 

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Looking to have your product professionally reviewed? I offer honest, unbiased write-ups on any items that would appeal to our target demographic.

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Sponsor a post with one of your products or services. I offer honest and unbiased professional content for your for your brand.

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Working with, and meeting new people is totally my jam! Contact me with your ideas and we can work out the details! I love to host giveaways! I love guest blog posts, your blog or ours! 

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