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DIY Chicken Treat Ornaments

DIY Chicken Treat Ornaments

Tis’ the season to “peck the halls” and no self-respecting homesteader can consider the halls officially decked until the coop is decorated too! I racked my brain this year trying to figure out coop decor that would be chicken friendly.

I made a wreath for the door with some of the boughs removed from all the trees we cleared this season so I had that covered. But I was looking for something a little more. That’s when it dawned on me! Chicken treat ornaments! These are super simple to make, they would be a fun activity to do with the littles, and they bring a whole lot of cheer to the flock. So, by all counts a win.

You’ll only need a few basic supplies and just a little time and you too can bring chicken-friendly holiday cheer to your flock.

DIY Chicken Treat Ornament Supplies:
  • Plastic Christmas ornaments in various sizes - Hopefully it goes without saying, do not use glass or anything with glitter.

  • Cotton string or ribbon.

  • A large cookie sheet or another shallow flat container.

  • Peanut butter, I would recommend using natural or homemade peanut butter free of sugars and added salt or oils

DIY Chicken Treat Ornament Ingredients:

Cracked corn


Unsalted nuts and/or sunflower seeds

Various dried herbs of your (or your chicken's) choice

  • Oregano

  • Thyme

  • Parsley

  • Basil

  • Mint

  • Dill

  • Sage

  • Marjoram

  • Lavender

DIY Chicken Treat Ornament Instructions:

Step #1

Pour all of your ingredients, cracked corn, mealworms, nuts, and herbs into the cookie sheet or shallow dish and mix thoroughly.

DIY Chicken Treat Ornament 2

Step #2

Coat your plastic ornaments in a thick layer of peanut butter. This is a messy job, and it is helpful to have an extra plate or dish to set the ornaments down on as you work.

DIY Chicken Treat Ornament 2

Step #3

Roll the peanut butter-coated ornaments in the corn/mealworm mixture until your ornament is completely coated and no more peanut butter is showing.

DIY Chicken Treat Ornament 3

Step #4

Attach string or ribbon to each ornament. Then, decorate your coop and watch your chickens become filled with the Christmas spirit!

DIY Chicken Treat Ornament #4

From Our Family to Yours, We Wish You a Very Merry Cluckmas!

Our house is in full holiday fun mode, so stay tuned for more holiday cheer! In the meantime, we wish you a Merry Cluckmas (uhhh.. Christmas). If you make these for your flock tell us all about it in the comments below, and as always, until next time,

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