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February Tasks for the Colorado Gardener

February Tasks for the Colorado Gardener

For Colorado Gardeners, February brings unpredictable weather that can try the patience of even the most imperturbable of gardeners. Our state offers gardening in zones 4 -6 depending on location, and bursts of warm temperatures can lull us into thinking spring is near. And while it is in fact nearing. Getting started too early can have disastrous consequences. There are however still plenty of tasks Colorado gardeners can work on this month to prepare for warmer days.

Plan Your Garden

February is the ideal time to get down to the business of planning your spring garden. Reviewing last year's successes and failures will help you determine what changes or crop rotations need to be handled this coming season. A good plan will show you where you may have available space to try new crop varieties, and keep you on track for when and where to plant. Your garden plan can be as simple as notes kept in a log or journal, or you can purchase one of our handy garden planners here.

Assess Your Garden Tools, Supplies, and Equipment

We may be buried under several feet of snow right now, but Spring really is just around the corner. To ensure that you are ready for all the tasks ahead now is the time to assess the condition of your garden tools and equipment. Look over your favorite tools for signs of disrepair. Thoroughly clean and sanitize tools that may have been put away dirty, or left out over the winter. Sharpen blades, and tune up or oil any moving parts.

It’s also a good idea to take stock of what supplies you have on hand and which ones you will need to replenish. Often in the early Spring, you can find exceptional deals on garden supplies and tools that stores are closing out to make room for new inventory. By having your list of needs ready to go, you may find that you can save some money while stocking up!

Get Your Seeds Ordered

This is one of my favorite parts of gardening. There is no better way in my opinion to spend a dreary Winter’s day than by pouring over the new years seed catalogs. Take inventory of what you may have left over from last year. Check expiration dates to ensure what you have will still germinate well. Look back on notes to see what grew well last year that you may want to order more of this year. And my favorite part, decide what new crops and varieties you want to add this year.

Be sure to get your new seeds ordered early, to ensure that you get the varieties you are most excited about.

Garden Maintenance

For most of Colorado, February marks the heart of winter, so you can skip worrying about most of the labor-intensive outdoor garden tasks for now. If you don’t have snow on the ground, inspect your beds. Top dress any amendments you may have missed in the fall, cover them in mulch, and let them rest a while longer.

Seed Starting
Some of the starts we did last year.

Start Your Cold Weather Crops Indoors

Towards the end of the month, you can consider starting your cold-weather crops indoors. This includes; broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, eggplant, head lettuce, onions, and parsley.

You’ll also want to get started on your long-germination period varieties like rosemary, snapdragons, and begonias. Most perennial flowers should be started inside by the end of the month as well.

Looking Forward to Spring

Be sure to check back next month, for our March Tasks for the Colorado Gardener list, or sign up for our mailing list to be notified as soon as new content publishes! Tell us all about your must-do February garden tasks in the comments below. Keep holding out for Spring, and as always, until next time,

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