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Gifts to Give - DIY Lavender Bath Salts

Lavender Bath Salts

Giving the gift of relaxation is the ultimate way to say you care. These soothing, relaxing, and healing bath salts are quick and easy to make with only a few ingredients. Bottled up in pretty glass jars, they make the perfect gift to give or to keep for yourself!

The History of Lavender

Lavender, a member of the mint family, is believed to be native to the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and India. This sweet purple blossom has a history of medicinal use dating as far back as 2,500 years. In ancient times, lavender was considered a holy herb, and both lavender’s genus (Lavandula) and common name (lavender) comes from the Latin lavare, meaning to wash.

The Benefits of Lavender

While historically, lavender was a common plant for freshening everything from laundry to hair, it has a medicinal history as well. Some of it's benefits include:


Anxiety reducing

Fights insomnia

Stabilizes the mood

Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal

Why Lavender Bath Salts?

While lavender has many benefits, bath salts offer their own benefits that work beautifully when combined with lavender.

Epsom salt contains magnesium, which helps the body to produce melatonin naturally. Combine that with the relaxing effect of soaking in hot water and lavender, and you’re sure to sleep more soundly after a lavender bath salt soak. The magnesium in Epsom salt is also known to reduce pain and inflammation, which is excellent for soothing sore muscles.

Sea salt can help to stimulate circulation while easing muscle cramps and relieving joint stiffness. It also helps with the natural cleansing and detoxifying of the largest organ in the body—your skin.

Baking soda is known to help relieve itching and irritation while providing detoxification support and softening the skin.

Making Lavender Bath Salts

This simple relaxing bath salt is a sinch to make. It only takes a few minutes and a few ingredients. This mix makes a perfect gift, and it is safe to use for adults and children alike. For sensitive people, make this without the essential oil.


1 cup of Epsom salts

½ cup of coarse sea salt

½ cup of baking soda

¼ cup of dried lavender

10-12 drops of lavender essential oil (optional)


Place the Epsom salts, sea salt, and baking soda in a large glass bowl and stir to combine thoroughly. Add the lavender to your salt mix, and if using, the essential oil. Stir till incorporated.

Divide your bath salts into small glass jars, label and store, or gift!

How to Use Lavender Bath Salts

Pour 1/4 cup of the lavender bath salts into warm bath water. Swirl the water with your hand, allowing the salt to dissolve into the water and the lavender aroma to be released by the steam.

Soak in the warm bath for a minimum of 15 minutes for maximum benefit.

A Gift They’ll Want to Receive!

The benefits of lavender bath salts are many, and this DIY version will surely be well received. If you make these soothing salts, be sure to tell us all about them in the comments below. If you’re looking for more great DIY gifts to make, be sure to check out our Gifts to Give section. And, as always, until next time,

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DIY Lavender Bath Salts

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