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How to Make Squash Flour

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

How to Make Squash Flour

We had a prolific squash and zucchini harvest this year. We spent days and days eating it with every meal and when that got old, I processed and preserved the rest. I now have bags and bags of the stuff both dehydrated and frozen, and it was starting to take up too much space so I decided to turn some of it into squash flour to ease up the storage space.

What Can You Make With Squash Four?

Squash flour is a wonderful low-carb flour that can be used for gluten-free, paleo, and keto baking. It can also be used as a flour extender by replacing up to ⅓ of the wheat flour in any recipe.

Dehydrated Zucchini

What Types of Squash Can Be Used to Make Squash Flour?

Here’s the great news, almost any member of the squash family can be used, even pumpkin! This is good because my little pumpkin patch provided us with 20 pumpkins this year and there’s no good way to store them other than turn them into flour.

How Much Squash do You Need to Make Squash Flour?

You'll need about 5 pounds of fresh squash for every cup of finished squash flour. A lot, I know. But when you’re overrun with squash and just can’t eat it anymore, this recipe will help you out!

How to Make Squash Flour


5 lbs fresh squash of your choice


  • Shred or slice your squash and place in a dehydrator until thoroughly dry.

  • Place dried squash in a clean, dry food processor.

  • Run on high speed until squash reaches a powder-fine consistency 3-5 minutes depending on your food processor

  • Let set in the food processor until the dust has settled or you’ll end up with flour all over your counters and cabinets!

  • Transfer to a sterilized jar or another air-tight container with a silica pack for up to 6 months.

Have you ever tried squash flour? If so tell us all about it in the comments below. I’ll be posting recipes for using squash flour in the coming weeks, so be sure to subscribe to our blog to be notified when they post. And, as always, until next time,

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