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Gifts to Give - Juniper Berry Meat Rub

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Juniper Berry Meat Rub

Do you have an avid hunter or chef in your life or on your Christmas list this year? Delight and surprise them with this Juniper Berry Meat Rub. This rub is the perfect pairing with almost every meat, but it especially shines in the preparation of game meat.

Now that everyone is grown, our family has opted for a no-gifts for the holiday season policy, with the exception of handmade items. Every year, I have no problem coming up with gifts for the ladies on my list, but I tend to struggle with the men on my gift list. But, this year, since I have several hunters on my list, I came up with this recipe. The best part is it makes a unique DIY gift for any hunter or foodie.

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Forest to Plate

Particularly when it comes to game meat, cooking, and seasoning can be tricky. Game meat has a bolder flavor that is not for every pallet. Hence the name “gamey.” But there is something so natural about using the forest to season game meat. The flavors complement each other perfectly. Juniper berries have a piney flavor with hints of citrus, and they pair well with black pepper and garlic. For this recipe, we’re rounding out those bold flavors with a touch of sweetness and a hint of chile.

Dired Juniper Berries

Making Juniper Berry Meat Rub

This spice rub is simple to make and comes together quickly in a food processor or coffee grinder. You can double or triple the recipe as needed to fill your gift list!


2.5 tablespoons sea salt

2.5 tablespoons brown sugar

2.5 tablespoons black peppercorns

1 tablespoon juniper berries, whole

1 tablespoons dried rosemary

½ Tablespoon dried coriander

½ Tablespoon granulated onion

1 teaspoon chile flakes

1 tablespoon granulated garlic

1 teaspoon dried thyme

1 Bay Leaf


Place all ingredients in a coffee grinder or food processor and process until finely ground. Bottle and label. Store in a cool, dry place.

How to Use Juniper Berry Meat Rub

Apply the rub liberally to all sides of your meat cut, rubbing the spices in to achieve the best flavor. Allow to marinate in the fridge for a minimum of 40 minutes or up to overnight.

DIY Gift Giving at Its Best

The holiday season is such a special time, and handmade, heartfelt gifts make it all that much sweeter. Through the season, be sure to keep an eye on our Gifts to Give section to find DIY gifts your friends and family will want to receive. Tell us all about what gifts you’re making and giving this season in the comments below, and as always, until next time,

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Juniper Berry Meat Rub

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